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Welcome! I'm Pierre Paquette and I am an aspiring cartoonist

"Aspiring? Pierre, aren't you a million years old?
You're gonna change lanes this late in life?"

Yes, I sure am and anyone can at any point in their lives. So why would you buy a book from a guy who's just starting out? Because I've been cartooning since I was three years old and even though I'm not a published artist, I'm self-publishing right here and now. This book was fun to write and it takes everything I've ever loved about comic strips and packs it into one crazy ride.

Read below on why YOU should buy a copy of Pierre Paquette Presents: HOW TO MAKE COMIC STRIPS, a helpful guide from ARTPROLE and when you reach the bottom of the page, join ARTPROLE! I know you want to.

I'm already planning 2021. Screw 2020! It is an EPIC FAIL! What about all of you? What does 2021 look like for you? I have decided to give in to my inspiration and let my ideas flow. As an artist pushing to get recognition, I am creating many projects in the coming year to establish myself in the industry. This is your opportunity to do so as well. Don't let what is going on in the news get you down. We are stronger working together than we are fighting against one another. Unite in the creative arts and support those who do.

Seigarren will be an anthology of short stories done in different styles and mediums. A book filled with twists and turns and surprises!

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