Welcome to the Universe of the Bloongles, a fun loving group of friends who have adventures and rely on each other for moral support without taking themselves too seriously. Please join us on this adventure of crazy mischeif across multiple worlds of alien design.

Created by cartoonist Pierre Paquette, this work of fiction is based on the multiple interactions that he has had with people all over the Internet and cleverly presented in a light hearted fun loving story. The Bloongles have evolved over many years into what they are today and sadly those early versions are lost to time. We hope that you love what we have crafted for you and that you will find as much enjoyment as the author did when he created this work.

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Welcome! I'm Pierre Paquette and I am an aspiring cartoonist

"Aspiring? Pierre, aren't you a million years old?
You're gonna change lanes this late in life?"

Yes, I sure am and anyone can at any point in their lives. So why would you buy a book from a guy who's just starting out? Because I've been cartooning since I was three years old and even though I'm not a published artist, I'm self-publishing right here and now. This book was fun to write and it takes everything I've ever loved about comic strips and packs it into one crazy ride.

Read below on why YOU should buy a copy of Pierre Paquette Presents: HOW TO MAKE COMIC STRIPS, a helpful guide from ARTPROLE and when you reach the bottom of the page, join ARTPROLE! I know you want to.

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