Growing up in the 70's and 80's, I was a massive comics fan - everything from the Sunday funnies to Mad Magazine to Spider Man. The golden age, right? Pierre's book brings me back to those days and reminds me why I loved the medium as much as I did - and do. His respect for the art and love of the story pours from every page. I'm a massive fan - especially Pears.

The King Of Branding - James PM Gaffney


Pierre has brought to the world an endearing “beginner’s guide” to comic book creation that every budding comic book artist must read. I am looking forward to giving my 10-year-old son a copy of this book, as he loves comics, and this book is a great way for him to start learning the craft. You can see the passion for comics on these pages, and Pierre’s dedication to the art form shines through.

Copywriter - Matthew Kaboomis Loomis


I didn't know much about comics and didn't know how to create one. But after reading couple of pages of Pierre's book, I got very curious! I like the way he explains all the details of creative and technical parts. And I do like his storytelling. Will definitely create my first comic by following all his tips. Thanks to Pierre, now I know, that comics are a really great way to express your creative side.

Artist and crafter - Toma Matuleviciute


As I was growing up, my home life was a mess, broken, and filled with doubt and worry. I'd escape into comics and graphic novels and books, finding solace in the hero journeys and stories as they unfolded. Never dreamed to even understand what it took to create one of my own. What Pierre has done here is incredible. The story is the how. You follow his characters on a journey showing you how, in a very clear and simple to understand way. His understanding and experience speaks volumes, if a hack artist such as myself can put this to use.

Artificer - Randall Smith


While growing up, I looked forward to the 'funnies' section of the Sunday paper. With the nine-panel color format that came out once a week, I could enjoy my favorite strips in sort of an 'extended view' format.

I took a lot of what went into creating those strips for granted. One of my favorite comics was Peanuts. Charles Schulz to me was part philosopher, part comedian, and part artist, and very good at it. Peanuts to me was simply the end product of Schulz' talents.

But as Pierre shows in "How to Make Comic Strips" there is more to it than that. There are rules that have to be followed to be effective, and while those rules allow for exceptions, even the exceptions have limits. It gave me greater understanding as to why Schulz never allowed Charlie Brown to kick the football, for example.

Most might respond, "Why should I care? I don't want to make comic strips," but such a response is short-sighted. You can apply these concepts to almost any type of communications: blogs, videos, writing etc. "How to Make Comic Strips" should be required reading for anyone seeking an audience for their ideas.

Freelance Writer - Christopher Mohr

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