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Welcome! I'm Pierre Paquette and I am an aspiring cartoonist

"Aspiring? Pierre, aren't you a million years old?
You're gonna change lanes this late in life?"

Yes, I sure am and anyone can at any point in their lives. So why would you buy a book from a guy who's just starting out? Because I've been cartooning since I was three years old and even though I'm not a published artist, I'm self-publishing right here and now. This book was fun to write and it takes everything I've ever loved about comic strips and packs it into one crazy ride.

Read below on why YOU should buy a copy of Pierre Paquette Presents: HOW TO MAKE COMIC STRIPS, a helpful guide from ARTPROLE and when you reach the bottom of the page, join ARTPROLE! I know you want to.

Meet the cast of how to make comic strips


Who's that handsome and dashing fellow? Poot will be your guide to character creation, world building, structure and pacing. Comic strips have been around since the beginning of the twentieth century and many great artists created the characters that we love today. These cartoons are ageless and timeless. They become legend and are the legacy of passionate and tireless cartoonists. I have studied comics since I could hold a pencil and have made them for my enjoyment for years. Time to put those skills to good use and show you how I make my comic strips. Characters aren't just doodles, they come alive!


Every protagonist needs a foil! Adventures are only as interesting as the adventurers who take part! Friends, foes, allies and background characters will populate your wonderful world and bring your stories to life. In the book we cover the motivations behind each creation so that you can find the right balance and relatability to entertain your readers. Comics can be about the hero's journey or for some more personal storytelling. Who will you craft into existence? The only limit is your imagination.


From the depths of your soul will inspiration turn illustrations into living beings. The more life you infuse into your characters, the more lifelike they will become! These precious creations are not just there to advance the plot, they are the heart and soul of your epic stories! Wait... Comic STRIPS are usually short setups and punchlines, right? Of course, but when you put them all together they become your body of work and your legacy so you want to think about longevity. You are in for a good time, people.


Meet Smonk and Pears! They are in the book too... GOOD! I bet you can't wait to get started! Get ready for fun, adventure, romance (ok, not romance) and LEARNING! Learning is fun by the way, because I make it fun. You'll have fun... I don't offer a money back guarantee if you don't have fun, but that's your fault if you don't because this book is all the fun in one place. There, I said it. Cool? Cool. Press the button.

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