Hello! My name is Pierre Paquette and I'm a cartoonist. If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you've met me on social media and I pestered you to visit my website. Thank you for tolerating my barrage of requests and thank you for looking at my projects. Most of my comics are available for you to read on this site for free, but if you're feeling generous and you want to own a physical copy of these fine works of art, they can be purchased on Amazon KDP. What I like about that is that it employs other people in this journey of fulfilling my dream of being a full-time cartoonist.

I also beg for scraps here: Buy Pierre A Coffee if you just want to throw a couple bucks my way to keep my lights on.

I started this new venture in 2020 when we were all locked up and had time on my hands. I'd always dreamed of doing it and now I am doing it. I even have fans and stuff! Check this out.

My number one fan and good friend, James (a wonderful artist too) decided to gift me with this awesome sculpture of all four main characters from the first Bloongles book.

Oranjyu Gled! Mister Bluegle! Yardlong Podnod! Plumsum Patsee! the whole lot of them! You can read their first adventure here, and then you'll want to buy it because you're cool people who want me to make more cool things.

And then you can read the two sequels to this fine series and own the full Bloongles Trilogy! Check out these cool video reviews by the renowned Uncle Jimbo!

But that's not all, friendly friends! I've also created other books with all my heart for you!

I've even created a book on HOW TO MAKE COMIC STRIPS. Young and old can do it and you should to. Paquette Graphic Artifex is proud to present SHAPES AND FRENDS by Tarquin, a young artist who was inspired by what he learned in the pages of this book.

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