Brand new from Graphic Artifex, Pierre has just published a book for those of you who like to delve into your dreams. The kind that you have when you're asleep, not the hopes and aspirations for your future kind... You get it. WELL! Pierre has created a page for you to read this story right here! It's completely free to read it online and it's now out in print on demand to add to your collection of comics by Pierre, your favourite cartoonist. In addition to the adventure of LVP, you can delve into the mind of Pierre in the pages of The Ghost Cup which is included in the book. Ready to meet Leopold and his tormentors? Click the cover to buy it on Amazon.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! We weren't going to finish this year without showing you an EXTRA amazing new version of Pity Pals! Yes, the characters you know and love from How To Make Comic Strips finally have their OWN BOOK! Follow Poot, Bozwell, Bun, Pears and SMONK as they navigate the perils of being comic book characters and how they deal with their creator, Pierre Paquette as they forge their identities in an uncertain world. PLUS! Meet Little Pyaa, a boy who finds ways to deal with the bullies in his life and also how to feel about his childhood memories as presented in full page comic strips in veiled autobiographical events in Pierre's life. Why PYAA, you ask? Because that's how you actually pronounce Pierre's name if you speak in Joual, the working class version of French spoken by most francophone people in North America.

Leopold Von Paddle is already a hit! Not only was it read aloud by the amazing Jessica Jaxx, but it has spawned the Ghost Cup cup! Check it out!

Bloongles are fun, funny, and all-ages appropriate at an affordable price made to order with print on demand, AND they will be printed locally near you by an Amazon licensed printing company.

Created by cartoonist Pierre Paquette, these works of fiction are based on the multiple interactions that he has had with people all over the Internet and cleverly presented in light hearted fun loving stories. The Bloongles have evolved over many years into what they are today and sadly those early versions are lost to time. We hope that you love what we have crafted for you and that you will find as much enjoyment as the author did when he created this work.

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