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Welcome to the Universe of the Bloongles!

Created by cartoonist Pierre Paquette, these works of fiction are based on the multiple interactions that he has had with people all over the Internet and cleverly presented in light hearted fun loving stories. The Bloongles have evolved over many years into what they are today and sadly those early versions are lost to time. We hope that you love what we have crafted for you and that you will find as much enjoyment as the author did when he created this work.

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What cartoonist Pierre Paquette loves more than reading comic strips, is making comic strips. So much so that he decided to write is own How To and sharing it with all of you. Starring the characters of Pity Pals along with his own cartoon self, Pierre shares his techniques and experience in a 40 page book about deconstructing comic strips, character creation, world building, structure, pacing and artistic style.

A comic about comics for people who love comics and want to make their own comics. Ready to try your hand at becoming a cartoonist yourself? Get this book filled with funny and fun tips and tricks on how to make that happen.

Taking notes can be fun! We've all been there, writing in plain old boring notebooks letting our imagination distract us while we are supposed to be doing serious work. WELL! Cartoonist Pierre Paquette was always doodling in his notebooks, so he decided that it would be cool to make a Bloongles branded notebook that includes the entire Bloongles cast inside it's pages. There is a character on each page that you can even color if you feel like it in whatever color you want, or use the back cover as a color reference for each one.

It's 100 pages that you can fill with anything you want. You can even doodle in it if you don't feel like taking notes. Pierre approves 100%.

What better way to make your own comic book than with prepared layouts in a 100 page book!

A great workbook for you to draw and write your own adventures with all of your favourite characters.

100 pages of comic panels in various layouts to practice your story-telling. Big open panels for you to fill with the greatest adventures of your imagination. Big pages for your big dreams of creating your wonderful works of art.

Whether you love superheroes, fantasy, science fiction, and more. you can turn this workbook into anything you want. Be creative and bold in your adventures.

We love t-shirts that have personality, cool graphics and fun messages. We work with Printbest because they print the best! We offer a wide variety of models and colors of high quality garments through our wonderful Etsy shop and we are fans of our own stuff, so you can be sure that we wear our shirts daily.

Created by cartoonist and illustrator Pierre Paquette, these t-shirts are part of a collection of unique and different styles made with enthusiasm and love. If you are a fan of the Bloongles, make sure to check out the growing line of Bloongles shirts on our Etsy. Wear your fandom proudly on these comfortable shirts.

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