Pierre is not on a lot of socials, but he does love to drink coffee. Think you could spare a cup?

The Weirdo Trilogy of 2023 is available to purchase now! Come for the front of the book and stay for the back! Leopold Von Paddle and The Ghost Cup is a fun ride through dreams and questions about reality, Pity Pals and Little Pyaa is a wacky adventure in comics fourth wall breaks and The White Frog is best enjoyed by only one person named in the book. Enjoy!

We even get reviews from perfectly serviceable renowned YouTubers! Well... just this one, but he's THE BEST ONE! Follow Uncle Jimbo or die trying.

The people have spoken and their choice is clear. They love comics and they want to make their own comics after they've read HOW TO MAKE COMIC STRIPS by Pierre. Young and old can do it and you should to. Paquette Graphic Artifex is proud to present SHAPES AND FRENDS by Tarquin, a young artist who was inspired by what he learned in the pages of this book.

Bloongles are fun, funny, and all-ages appropriate at an affordable price made to order with print on demand, AND they will be printed locally near you by an Amazon licensed printing company.

Created by cartoonist Pierre Paquette, these works of fiction are based on the multiple interactions that he has had with people all over the Internet and cleverly presented in light hearted fun loving stories. The Bloongles have evolved over many years into what they are today and sadly those early versions are lost to time. We hope that you love what we have crafted for you and that you will find as much enjoyment as the author did when he created this work.

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